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Halloween Candy and TMJ: What To Avoid and What To Enjoy

Oct 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

Halloween is just around the corner; are you ready to sink your teeth into some treats? This spooky holiday, everyone will ditch their diets for their fair share of sweets. If you struggle with a TMJ disorder, this may not be as easy, but luckily, there are still ways to feed your sweet tooth without suffering from painful symptoms; just know what’s safe to indulge in and what’s important to avoid.

Halloween Candy To Avoid With TMJ

When it comes to protecting your jaw joint while munching on some Halloween sweets, be sure to avoid these types of candies:

  • Caramel and Chewy Candies – Caramel is sweet, chewy goodness that many can’t resist, especially when on a delicious apple or coated in chocolate. However, caramel is very tough, meaning your jaw has to work harder to eat it. This goes for other chewy candies as well.  
  • Hard Candy – On the other hand, you might think hard candies aren’t an issue because you don’t have to chew them at all, but they still cause problems with your TMJ. When you hold a large piece of candy in your mouth as you suck on it, your jaw rests and moves in an unnatural position. 
  • Gum – Even if you do grab some sugar-free gum, it can still irritate your jaw joints and heighten your TMJ disorder symptoms.  

Halloween Candy To Enjoy With TMJ

Don’t worry; even if you struggle with a TMJ disorder, you can still enjoy some treats this Halloween! Give these tasty sweets a try:

  • Chocolate – Candy bars with chocolate are a good go-to if you struggle with a TMJ disorder. Chocolate melts easily in your mouth and requires little chewing, making it an easy choice to protect your jaw. 
  • Marshmallows – Roast them over an open fire to let them melt in your mouth, or grab one of these soft sweet treats right out of the bag and enjoy. 
  • Pumpkin – This classic fall food is flavorful, sweet, and a great ingredient in many dessert recipes. Instead of reaching for candy, try your hand at a fresh-made dessert with some soft pumpkin that won’t stress your jaw.

Have a happy Halloween!

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