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Just started using my Pod three weeks ago and I already feel a big difference. Less Headaches, less neck pain and my sleeping has improved. What a great invention! the guy’s a genius and I finally feel better!
Thanks Dr.Scott


Before visiting Dr. Simonetti, I had terrible jaw and facial pain due to my TMJ. After receiving the POD, in only two months I have no more pain in my jaw, and have noticed significant changes in my sleep patterns. Visiting Dr. Simonetti and using the POD has allowed me to live day to day without pain from TMJ. Thank you!!


Its been two years of pain due to TMJ caused by a missed infection. The tightness in my face left me bound to my home and many visits to different doctors. I was watching Channel 12 news and I saw Dr. Simonetti’s commercial and immediately made an appointment. From the front of his office staff to the back staff and Dr. Simonetti was the best experience I had in the past 2 years. He immediately fitted me for the Pod Device and I’m on my way back to a normal and healthy lifestyle. I no longer need any pain meds and am living a fun and productive life. To put it simply Dr. Simonetti has improved my whole life and I’m forever grateful.


Dr. Scott is not only a trustworthy and caring dentist but the creator of the POD®. I have worn this device for the past 10 days and I am amazed by the improvement in the quality of my sleep, the decrease in my jaw and tooth pain, and the boost in my overall energy and mood. I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling this refreshed. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and this amazing device!


Best dentist walking the earth .thank you so much Dr scott!


Sleeping was impossible & I had headaches 2-3x a week. Since I have been using the pod I have no issues sleeping and I haven’t had any headaches.


I was waking up with a migraine every day before this, now I can’t remember the last time I woke up with one.


From Dr. Simonetti’s treatment I have noticed tremendous positive changes.


Since using the POD I have had far less jaw pain, headaches, and an overall better night’s sleep.


I do not get any neck pain or headaches when I wake up in the morning. My jaw has not locked and my range to open my mouth is at maximum.